Clear Mountain’s mission is to provide our investors with secure, above-average, risk-adjusted returns. Our investors are more than simply ‘clients.’ When you invest with Clear Mountain, you become a member of the CMP Family. 

Investment Management

• Clear Mountain specializes in acquiring and repositioning assets in downtown communities and transit-oriented markets with high growth potential


• We employ a top-down macro approach to identify areas that are  set to benefit from structural demographic shifts


• From there, we apply a rigorous bottoms-up analysis to filter for  transactions that fit our profile from a risk-adjusted returns  perspective 

ASSET Management
and Advisory

• We implement ‘best in breed’ technology for all aspects of our business – from operations, investments, to investor and resident experience  –   we make everything seamless.

• We minimize operating expenses via economies of scale and
technology application. We implement cost savings from vertical and horizontal integration.

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